Identify & Stop Forced Labor In Your Supply Chain

UFLPA Is Here Are You Ready? 


The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) guidance now assumes that goods from Xinjiang were produced with forced labor. Because of this, goods can be detained and your company must rebut any assumptions of forced labor by providing evidence of sourced goods. 

So what can you do? 

Having a human rights due diligence system in place is imperative! One that can map facilities in your supply chain and trace POs with the UFLPA's detainment window. Knowing this SupplyShift has developed an end to end solution for mapping supply chains and requesting needed information from suppliers to comply with The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) and related Customs requirements. 



SupplyShift P.O. Tracing Key Features

Stay In Compliance With The UFLPA 

Gain the transparency needed to be prepared for UFLPA!

  •  Utilize this multi-tier assessment plus in-house support services.

  • Buyers can learn about human rights risks through integrated scoring and graphical visualization.

  • Responses to standard content can be shared with multiple buyers, including document uploads, which avoids needing multiple uploads by the supplier.

  • Utilize the assessment tracker to follow progress, identify bottlenecks, and prove due diligence.

  • Optional translation service on supplier-provided documents to match Customs’ English-Only language requirement.

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