The Importance of Supply Chains in ESG Investing


Investors care more about ESG than ever before. Yet for many, the supply chain is overlooked, even though this is where 80% of environmental, social, and business ethics impacts are found. To stand out in today's market, you must have a compelling ESG story in hand, and that story includes the supply chain.


Join industry leaders from NextStage Capital, SASB, and Impact Engine as they discuss why the supply chain is the next frontier in ESG investing. Plus, learn how you can engage portfolio companies and their supply chains to create a sustainable, low-risk portfolio and stand out in the eyes of potential new investors.


  • Craig Vachon, Senior Partner, NextStage Capital 
  • Nicolai Lundy, Director of Partnerships and Market Outreach, SASB
  • Priya Parrish, Managing Partner, Impact Engine
  • Moderator: Alex Gershenson, CEO, SupplyShift

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